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Preventative Maintenance Plans

Our team will survey your work environment and provide detailed service and preventative maintenance plan to avoid high-cost unexpected emergency service calls.

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Monitoring & Security Systems

We understand how frustrating it gets to manage security on top of your daily tasks. Our goal is to help prevent problems before they occur.This way you can focus on what’s important expanding your business.
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Mac & Windows Computer Repair & Support

We support both MAC and Windows environments. We can also help install Windows on a MAC computer. Software and Hardware repairs.
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IT Solutions & Consulting

“We provide custom IT services based on customers’ needs.
Our goal is to help bring your business to the forefront of technological advancements in your industry.”

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Servers installation, configuration &maintenance

We understand that servers have become an integral part of businesses, our team can help your configure the right server for your business. Also we can provide optimization to existing services and maintenance to prevent down times.
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Custom Built Application

We provide custom software solutions to increase your productivity and create an efficient and organized work environment to increase your revenues and cut unnecessary cost.

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Microsoft Office 365

“We can help maintain your licencing, provide latest updates to all your devices at once.
We have completed many custom applications for small business on Microsoft Office.”


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

as GJS IT Solutions we take care of your business tech work up t date and let you concentrate on your business enhancement tactics at your best

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Online Stores

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Health Care

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